Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?

Blue Air is a low cost airline based in Romania, with flights from Bucharest to a large number of European destinations. As any other low cost airline, they are trying to maximize revenue by selling optional services. RyanAir does this by continuously bombarding passengers with sales announcements during the flight, so that one stands no chance whatsoever of sleeping during the flight. EasyJet has a complex ticket purchase procedure that makes customers select their car and hotel as if these were part of the ticket purchase. But Blue Air, in addition to having the smallest cabin baggage allowance of only 7 kg, found yet another way of making flying with them an unpleasant experience unless you pay for the optionals. Continue reading “Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?”

It’s flight booking time!

Example of a special offer for discounted flightsI’m sure that you always want to pay the least amount for the services you receive. We all do. And still, only some pay less while many pay more for similar seats on the same flight. In this series I will explain to you how you can be one of the few who pay the lowest price for a certain flight of their choice.

Choosing the right time to book

I found myself in situations when the person sitting next to me had paid 100+ EUR for a flight ticket I had bought for only 20. Same airline, same flight date/time, same services; the only difference was the time when we made the booking. One of the most important things when buying tickets with lowcost airlines is deciding when to buy them. There is no straight answer to the question “how long in advance should I book my tickets”, as it depends on many aspects. However, I will try to address all of them in the sections below.

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