Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp.

Impressive tourist trap
Impressive tourist trap

One of the low-cost trips in Belgium that can be done in two or three days is the route Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.

I know because I just arrived!

They receive disembarkation of the plane – Wizzair was the cheapest option this time – I proceed to share the details of the trip that you can be useful.

When traveling to Brussels you can choose between the two airports in the city. In is this occasion I have chosen Charleroi. A strategic error in choosing this location is to arrive very late or very early. Why? your location It is located one hour by bus from the Brussels Center. Although Shuttle bus exists and it leaves every hour it is better that you plan ahead. The airport is somewhat disorganized. About the time to go through security. You really have to arrive two hours in advance before your flight!


Brussels is a vibrant city, it is clear for being the headquarters of the Union and the European Commission. Busy during the day, almost deserted during the night. But between that role as the capital of Europe, is the Brussels with a fascinating  and diverse history.

you can not miss it
you can not miss it

Brussels is well connected by metro and it is easy to reach all the places of interest. It is better to buy a pass for the days you plan to visit the city. Individual passes can be expensive.

One of the places you can not miss is the Great Square of Brussels with its architecture and diversity, the fifty-year-old park and my favorite: The Royal Gardens of Laeken.

Royal Gardens

One of the places that are promoted are Atomium and Europe in miniature. They are far from the center and our verdict: Tourist Trap.

Everyone in Brussels talks about Belgian potatoes, hundreds of varieties of beer and Belgian waffles. Try them!

From Brussels you can take the train to Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.


Castle in Bruges
Castle in Bruges

Bruges is located thirty minutes from Brussels by train. Ninety minutes from Brussels. There you can spend a day walking the historic center, visiting the different churches and taking a boat ride through the canals of the city.

Ghent / Ghent

Several churches in one place, canals, old streets and the castle are the things to be discovered in Ghent.

Canals are one of the attractions in the town
Canals are one of the attractions in the town

Twenty minutes walking from the station to the center of the city you can see the most important in the center of the city.


The last of these three days in Belgian territory is the farthest (one hour in three) and also one full of surprises. All cities are accessible by train. The tickets are open, which allows you to leave at the time you want. Just ask for help in information and everything will be easier.

Trains are the best way to travel
Trains are the best way to travel

The train station is awesome! also the main street for Shopping! and the Dominican Church of San Pablo with its collection of religious art from Rubens, Van Dyck and other famous painters.

Dominican church
Dominican church

Belgium is a country full of contrasts and cultural diversity. In addition to the French, you can listen to Spanish, English and even Turkish. We hope this route is of your pleasure and that you can see some of the most emblematic places of this fabulous country.

How to cancel your flight alert

We know that your plans can change at any time and that is why we present here the easiest way to cancel your flight alert.

We have updated our website to make the cancellation process easier and more intuitive. In a few steps you can let go of that trip you had planned and concentrate on your next destination.

1. Log in to your lowcostroutes accountalert3

2. Go to My Flight Alerts

3. Choose to delete this flight alert by clicking on the

4. An that’s it!


Ready! your flight alert has been removed. Easy. You always have the option to create a new flight alert by clicking on the link.

If you want to create your flight alert via SMS, we explain it easily, step by step, here.

If you need help or have any questions contact us on our website or on our Facebook page I like to travel low cost.

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The End of Lowcost?

Flying with lowcost airlines can save you a lot of money.
Flying with lowcost airlines can save you a lot of money.

A lot of traditional airlines find it hard to compete with their lowcost rivals on short-haul routes so they are either shutting down routes or offering discounts on short-distance flights to fill otherwise half-empty planes. Some flag carriers have introduced their own lowcost subsidiaries. Examples include Air France’s Hop and Vueling, whose parent company owns Iberia and British Airways.

It is a far-off prospect but it seems like the civilian passenger airline industry will end up consisting of two distinct types of players, and those won’t be conventional and lowcost.

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London: The city of a thousand colours

London Bus doubledecker
London Bus double-decker

If you think that London is a cold city with a harsh climate, where the wind always blows and the sun is too shy to play the leading role for an entire day, you are partly right. It is well-known that the Brits never go out without their umbrellas. Nevertheless, the bright colours of this beautiful and fascinating metropolis make up for its grey sky. The famous London taxis, the phone booths and the double-deckers are only a few of the colourful highlights of this city. You cannot go to London and not take a taxi, at least once, in order to experience the reckless driving of the taxi drivers in the city. This is a unique experience even if the price of the ride is not exactly cheap.

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How to Keep Your Children Happy When Travelling


the Flight
the Flight (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

Every parent knows that children and travelling is a match made in hell. Long flights, train and car journeys often ruin getting to the destination, and get your vacation off to a stressful start. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Whether you are travelling with your own children, supervising a school trip or even entertaining foster children, it can be an experience that tests even the most patient of adults if you don’t go prepared.

There are a whole host of easy and inexpensive ways you can keep your little ones preoccupied. Whether you’re faced with 2 hours on a train, or 6 hours on a plane, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fool-proof ways to keep children happy when travelling:

1. Flight times

Children like routine and will get pretty cranky if you book a holiday with terrible flight times. Try and fly in the evening so they can sleep on the plan, or first thing in the morning so by the time night falls they’re already in the right routine. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Children Happy When Travelling”

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