Travelling with children by plane (part 1)

Whether you are a frequent flyer and have been on hundreds of flights before, or you are on one of your first flights, flying with infants or small children is a different experience and you should prepare for it as if this were your very first flight. Below you can find advice based on the experience of parents who traveled with children and infants, so be sure to keep reading. Continue reading “Travelling with children by plane (part 1)”

What are your rights if your flight is late or cancelled?

A court in Cluj Napoca, Romania has recently sentenced the low cost airline Blue Air to reimburse 4 passengers for the cost of their plane tickets from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca with Tarom – Romanian Airlines, and to pay 250 EURO per passenger worth of compensations. Continue reading “What are your rights if your flight is late or cancelled?”

Flying low cost – a constraint or a choice?

Some time ago I read an interesting debate on FlyerTalk forum about Budget Traveling as a choice. Some people fly low cost airlines and stay in cheap hotels because they are on a budget; some because there is no other direct flight on a certain route, but some choose to take low cost flights even if they could easily afford to buy a business class ticket for a regular flight. Why would anyone choose to do that?The three options one has when it comes to flying – low cost, economy and business class – do not split travelers into 3 different income groups, but rather demonstrate three different mentalities. Continue reading “Flying low cost – a constraint or a choice?”

Flying through a storm: How is it?

When it comes to flying, one of people’s greatest fears is the fear or storms. What if we end up inside a storm? How is it? What if our plane gets hit by lightning? Are the pilots prepared to handle it without panicking? Was the plane designed in order to be able to cope with such an event? Well, these are all rational questions, and I will give rational documented answers to every one of them. Continue reading “Flying through a storm: How is it?”

First time on a plane. Part II At the airport

Yesterday, you learnt how to prepare for your first flight. I explained to you how to search for and how to book the best tickets and what the difference between carry-on and hold baggage is. By now you should know what can you put in the carry-on luggage and what you can carry only in your hold luggage.

Today, I will explain to you what to do when you arrive at the airport. But first let’s see how long before the flight you should leave your house. Continue reading “First time on a plane. Part II At the airport”

First time on a plane. Part I Preparation

There is always a first time! You learned to walk, talk, read, ride a bike or drive your car. Now it’s time to learn everything about flying. By using the advice below you will get ready for the first flight in your life in no time!

This article is divided into 3 parts. Part I Preparation will help you plan your trip, find the best tickets and prepare your luggage. You can read this part of the article below.
In the second part, I will explain you all the things you have to do at the airport: the ckeck-in, the security control and the boarding.
The third part will deal with the easiest part of your trip: the flight. I will explain you what it is all about, what you should or shouldn’t expect during your first flight. Continue reading “First time on a plane. Part I Preparation”