Travelling with children by plane (part 2)

As I already mentioned in part 1, flying with infants or small children is different from traveling in a group of adults, so you should be prepared for it. Today I will answer a few other frequent questions about traveling with young children. Continue reading “Travelling with children by plane (part 2)”

Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?

Blue Air is a low cost airline based in Romania, with flights from Bucharest to a large number of European destinations. As any other low cost airline, they are trying to maximize revenue by selling optional services. RyanAir does this by continuously bombarding passengers with sales announcements during the flight, so that one stands no chance whatsoever of sleeping during the flight. EasyJet has a complex ticket purchase procedure that makes customers select their car and hotel as if these were part of the ticket purchase. But Blue Air, in addition to having the smallest cabin baggage allowance of only 7 kg, found yet another way of making flying with them an unpleasant experience unless you pay for the optionals. Continue reading “Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?”

How long does it take to make a short flight?

On Friday, December 2 2011, the 20:40 Easyjet flight EZY/U2 02899 from Milan Malpensa to Naples left on time. It should have been a short 1 hour and 10 minutes flight. After approximately an hour of flight, the airplane captain gave passengers the bad news. Continue reading “How long does it take to make a short flight?”

American Airlines seeks bankruptcy protection

American Airlines

On November 29, 2011, the parent company of American Airlines announced that it was filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. The move does not come as a surprise, as all the major US competitors of American Airlines, including United Airlines and Delta Airlines sought relief from debt under the bankruptcy law years ago (in 2002 and 2005, respectively). Continue reading “American Airlines seeks bankruptcy protection”

Thomas Cook – problems and consequences

Thomas Cook Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines

Last week, the biggest UK travel group, Thomas Cook, delayed publishing its 2011 results as it was renegotiating the terms of its credit agreements. Following this announcement, the group saw its shares drop by 75% (from 41,62£ to 10,20£) in one single day. After a long week-end the Thomas Cook managers reached an agreement with the banks and received a new £100m loan for the business. After the good news came out the group’s shares jumped by 50%, but the share value is still much lower than it was one week ago. Continue reading “Thomas Cook – problems and consequences”