Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review

In February 2010, I was contacted by Charlotte VIVIEN – Partnerships Manager in PublicIdees, who asked me if I was interested in promoting a certain low cost airline on LowCostRoutes. I accepted, I subscribed to the affiliate program and set the airline up on my website, along with a few with other airlines that I found on PublicIdees. Then everything went well until I needed customer support! Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review”

Affiliate networks feedback:

I discovered in February 2010, because it was the only affiliate network that was running the AirBerlin affiliate program. At the beginning, Air Berlin was the only program I was running on this platform and things were going pretty well. AirBerlin paid on time, I received nice commissions, so I was satisfied. But, it didn’t last long! Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback:”

Affiliate networks feedback: Zanox review

Zanox is a German affiliate network that has many airlines among its customers. It is well placed in the European travel industry, so being their affiliate is a must for me. I have been working with Zanox since May 2008, I have run tens of their programs and I have to admit that Zanox is the best affiliate network I have worked with so far. Let me explain to you why!

Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: Zanox review”

Affiliate networks feedback: TradeDoubler review

I was contacted by my Publisher Manager in TradeDoubler today and I was asked for my opinion about my relationship with TradeDoubler and with her. I am always glad to give feedback, so I decided to write a series of articles with my feedback for TradeDoubler, Zanox,, TradeTracker, CommissionJunction and other affiliate networks I am working with.

I first met Sheetal Sahota (International Publisher Manager for TradeDoubler) in January 2012 and I must say that she managed to change my opinion about TradeDoubler in less than a month. Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: TradeDoubler review”