How to Book an EasyJet Flight Before Tickets for It Go on Sale

For some time, travellers have been able to book easyJet flights that the search function on the company website showed as unavailable. Here is how you can do so too: On the easyJet homepage, search for a flight to your desired destination but specify a date that’s not too far into the future (e.g. next month). Then, to search for a flight on your desired dates (such as ten months from now), use the 3-week-view link or the New Search button.

This information should be enough to help you book your flight, but in case it isn’t, a step-by-step explanation of this method follows below.

It is important to note that this is a perfectly legitimate way of booking your flight: you don’t have to click on suspicious links, download software or do anything unusual. You search, book, and pay on, as you normally do.

Second note: This method is useful only for a few minutes/hours between the moment a flight schedule is released on the easyJet website and the moment flights can be found using the search form on the easyJet homepage. This delay is probably caused by an inconsistency in the company database or a caching mechanism, and I hope easyJet solves it soon. Until then, book away!

Step 1: Visit the easyJet homepage either by typing in your browser or searching for easyJet in Google. How-to-book-on-Easyjet1

Step 2: Search for an existing flight on your route. Enter your desired route (such as London to Palma de Mallorca), but instead of entering your desired date (flights on which are not yet available on the homepage), enter a date closer to the present day (e.g., one of the last dates for which a flight is available on your route). You can search for either a return flight or a one-way flight. Click on the SHOW FLIGHTS button.



Step 3: Search for your dates on this page by using one of two options.How-to-book-on-Easyjet2


Option A. Navigate to the 3-week-view tab. Use the blue arrows to navigate to your desired date.




Option B. Click on the NEW SEARCH button on top. Select your desired dates and click on the SHOW FLIGHTS button.




Step 4: Once you see your desired flights, book them fast, as many prices increase rapidly during the first minutes/hours after a release.

Step 5: I would be glad to hear your feedback after you use this tip! Feel free to leave a comment below or email us.

Update: some travellers report being able to book the flights with the EasyJet app, while they are still not present on the airline’s homepage. So, using their app may be another method!

15 thoughts on “How to Book an EasyJet Flight Before Tickets for It Go on Sale”

  1. Tip above re. 3 week tab worked a charm for flights appearing as unavailable on website. Getting affordable flights to Gatwick makes a huge difference for our family based in Aberdeenshire with limited destinations out of our local airport. Thanks!

  2. Many thanks for the tip. Option B (three week view) worked for me at 6.30 this morning when my dates were still showing as not available on the main search screen. I was able to book my July flights to Majorca at the lowest introductory price which was an overall saving of £70 (for three people) compared to the price shown when they were made available on the main search screen an hour later.

  3. Fantastic , text alert as promised then as described follow the instructions to get your cheapest flight , just saved £40 per person on flights for next year to Cyprus, one hour later after the alert dates were released on the easy jet site, brilliant , I’ve got a friend who thinks he knows it all about low cost flying , well he didn’t listen and has just been done ha ha

  4. Briĺliant tip thanks. Used the 3 week search and flights came on at 6am and got family of 4 to Fuerteventura aĺl booked. Flights not showing when checking in usual way and not showing on Easyjet app. Got your text alert at 7.12 so checked and flights were now showing but £200 more than I paid! At 8am they were £450 more!!

  5. many thanks for your booking tip it worked a treat my flights from Liverpool to Malaga at 6.30 this morning was still showing unavailable but by using the 3 day option was able to book flights at great prices. I have used your flight alert service many times in the past but was unaware of this tip once again thanks very much

  6. For the Easyjet release on 14 Feb 16, you could book a couple of minutes earlier by going through the timetable section and clicking through all the bar charts, this then created a itinerary that you could pay for. Its was only a couple of minutes before the method above worked but every minute helps!!

  7. Thank you again great explanation and i managed to book using your method with the arrows and the flights were still not showing on the normal way So happy brilliant service! 🙂

  8. I’ve just saved £100 on my flights from Gatwick to Sofia over the new year. I used the arrow button to scroll to my date that was not showing up.
    Had to get up at 4:30 am to do it but well worth it, thank you.

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