Planning the perfect bachelor party abroad

best-manFrom the moment that you are announced as the Best Man, you know there is only one thing you need to get right. Forget the speech, don’t worry about the rings, it’s all about the bachelor party.

The big news in bachelor parties is taking everybody abroad for one last night of freedom, and low cost flights have opened up this option to thousands of bachelors who wouldn’t have had the chance before.

Low cost airlines have also opened up parts of Europe that people wouldn’t even have thought of visiting ten years ago, and cheap alcohol and a guaranteed great night out have made going abroad the only way to execute a memorable bachelor party.

But if you’re the Best Man and you are tasked with the honour of planning a bachelor party abroad, where do you even begin?

Choose Your Location

Dublin nightlife
Dublin nightlife

Choosing your location is actually more difficult than it might seem. While there are the obvious choices of Dublin, Prague and Amsterdam, many of these locations have capitalised on visiting stag parties by putting their prices up, not ideal if you are trying to do things on a budget.

Instead, let the flights do the choosing for you and check out which places are visited by low cost airlines. Once you have this list you can see which destination is the most appropriate for your weekend away. Places such as Krakow in Poland and Budapest in Hungary are becoming increasingly popular as bachelor party destinations, so be a little bit different with your location and you could save a lot of money.

Plan in Advance

Krakow nightlife

If you’re not naturally the most organised of people, this could be the most difficult part of the entire experience!

Make a list of what you need and when you need it by so that nothing gets forgotten. This could include flight payments, hotel bookings and any added extras such as personalised clothing or fancy dress.

It’s probably the most boring part of the process, but also the most important.

Be Ruthless

Budapest nightlife
Budapest nightlife

Nobody likes to be unkind about their friends, but the chances are that you will have one or two guests that will be harder to get money out of than others. Arguments about money can ruin even the most carefully thought out of bachelor parties, so make sure you get payment up-front before booking low cost flights and accommodation. By doing this you will ensure that the weekend goes as smoothly as it can.

Low cost flights and a cheap destinations mean that it is easier than ever to treat your best friend to a truly memorable experience on his bachelor party.
If you are the Best Man, make sure that you put in the effort in planning the trip to make sure it is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Nobody told you that being Best Man was going to be so much work and effort, but get it right and your stag weekend will be the talk of your friends for years to come.

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