Experience the great American landscapes from a different perspective

The American landscape is diverse and seemingly never ending. Whilst it can be experienced through a movie screen or via a driving holiday, there can be no better way to immerse yourself in the majestic surroundings than by taking a walking holiday.

Take a hike

Whether your passion lies in the desert landscapes of the wild west, or hiking in the mountains is more your thing, there is bound to be a walking tour that will satisfy your desire to explore. Similarly, if you’ve got moderate experience in walking, most walking tours have planned hikes of around four hours. If however you’re more experienced and really want to take in a challenging hike, optional walks of up to eight hours can challenge anyone!

Guided walking tours always come with two experienced guides, who will take care of all aspects of route planning, driving and other necessary logistics, simply leaving you to enjoy your holiday. The travel enthusiasts can find travel pages like http://www.grandamericanadventures.com/…idays.html quite interesting and informative.

Top hiking destinations

One of the favourite destinations for a walking tour has to be the Arches National Park in Utah. A highlight of this particular destination is the freestanding 65ft high arch which gives the park its name. This so called Delicate Arch is set in a location which provides stunning views across the surrounding mountains and desert. From the right location, the arch frames the nearby La Sal mountains, creating a marvellous photo opportunity.

Zion National Park, also in Utah is another spot for a hike which features a phenomenal viewpoint at its climax. This National Park was created by the Virgin River carving a path through the local sandstone, creating marvellous scenery. Deep canyons jostle with towering cliffs, waterfalls, forests and rivers so wonderfully that it is difficult to know where to look! The highlight of a hike at Zion National Park is Angels Landing, a geological fin at an altitude of 1750ft, offering phenomenal views of the surrounding valley and canyons.

For more experienced walkers, a hike around the Peek A Boo Loop within Bryce Canyon National Park will offer a challenging day out with tremendous rewards. Beginning at the picturesque lookout spot at Bryce point, the walk descends into the canyon, traversing a landscape of towers, turrets and spires all created from natural rock formations. The view will change with every single corner that is turned, providing a varied and interesting, yet strenuous hike.

Just outside of Seattle, in the North West of the USA is the Mount Rainier National Park, home of a phenomenal five mile hike that some aficionados would rate as one of the greatest in the country. The views from the summit of this trail on a clear day can stretch for miles, providing one of the best views available to hikers. This trail is again not for inexperienced walkers, with an ascent of 1,400 feet throughout the duration of the walk, this will test many. If you are lucky enough to take on this hike in the springtime, take a moment to pause at the summit of the trail in order to hear the groaning of glaciers on the mountain as they crack and move.

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