Amsterdam: Compulsory fun

Amsterdam, the “Venice of the North”, could easily be defined as a “floating” city: the element that dominates the city landscape is water. The canals, the boat houses, the play of light on the water give the city that special something that makes it fascinating and unique. Amsterdam has always been a popular holiday destination for the young, as it is famous for its discos, pubs and night-life. It is impossible to go to Amsterdam and say that you did not have fun. If you want to have a wild night of unbridled fun, go to the Leidseplein quarter or to the Red Light District. Here you will have countless possibilities to dance and have fun until the day breaks.

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Alicante: Enjoy the sea and the monuments

Although the summer is coming to an end, there are still a few sunny days that you can enjoy. If you haven’t had enough of the sea and the sun this summer you can still plan a last-minute week-end getaway. Don’t take too long to make up your mind where to go. Take our advice and fly to Alicante! You can be sure that you will still find the sun and the sky-blue sea waiting for you here. Continue reading “Alicante: Enjoy the sea and the monuments”

Minorca: nature, sea and traditions

Minorca, the famous Balearic island, is a place where traditions are rigorously preserved up to this day and where nature is protected in a truly admirable manner. The island has a large number of natural parks and is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Here you will find an incredibly-blue sea, fantastic beaches that you may be able to have all for yourselves and a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Continue reading “Minorca: nature, sea and traditions”

Crete: Sun, sea and a mix of civilizations

Crete offers all the ingredients that will make your holiday an unforgettable one: unbelievably-blue sea, kilometres of white sandy beaches, history, traditions, legends and myths of the past that come back to life in present day. So if, as your holiday-time draws near, you feel like going to the seaside, but also like exploring new places and discovering a fascinating, unique corner of the world, Crete is the right holiday destination for you. Continue reading “Crete: Sun, sea and a mix of civilizations”

Ibiza: Sea, relaxation and entertainment

Now that summer is here, the thing that most of us think about are the upcoming holidays and where to go in order to take a break from our daily routine and enjoy a few days of absolute relaxation. If you’re looking for a warm, sunny place, with turquoise sea, with long white sand beaches, with discos where you can party al night long, with restaurants and bars in which you can spend a few pleasant hours during the day, then you should definitely go to Ibiza!

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Barcelona: An open-air museum

Barcelona - Park Guell
Barcelona - Park Güell

Everything in Barcelona seems to be a work of art: the streets, the façades, the churches, the monuments, the squares and even the air you breathe in this city make you understand that there is still a large number of artists living here today. Once you get to Barcelona, don’t miss the El Raval neighbourhood, famous for the night-life, the fashionable cafés and restaurants and the street artists. While walking in this neighbourhood or down La Rambla the first thought that will come to your mind will be that Barcelona is a city that never sleeps and that is ruled over by entertainment and by living the good life. But actually this is not the case in the entire city: there are areas that are particularly animated while others are quieter. Continue reading “Barcelona: An open-air museum”

Where would I like to go this August? To Marseilles!


Marseilles is home to people from all over the world, whose traditions, languages and religions intertwine, making the city famous for being one of the most cosmopolitan in Europe. The lights, the colours and the smells belonging to different cultures create a magical atmosphere and give tourists the impression that they are visiting many different small cities instead of a large one. However, there is no reason to feel intimidated by a city whose every neighbourhood is different from all the others. Marseilles has so much to offer! It must be explored and discovered bit by bit because the very diversity of its inhabitants make this city a special, fascinating place.

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Munich: where modernity and tradition complete each other

Monaco di Baviera

Munich, a colourful city in which traditional and modern architectural styles mix, is the ideal destination for a dream holiday. It is particularly appealing to those who want to visit a city that has always been sheltered by the Alps and is hanging in balance between an unforgettable past and a future that is knocking at the door. Munich boasts its traditions, its beer industry, the friendliness and openness of its inhabitants and the history that has made it famous and has earned it the reputation of being the second capital of Germany. Munich is a collection of beautiful squares, interesting museums and large, green parks, all of which make it a fascinating city that conquers the hearts of its visitors. Continue reading “Munich: where modernity and tradition complete each other”

Prague: Between magic and legend

Prague is an absolutely unique city that has to be explored thoroughly so that one can discover and enjoy its most remote corners. The legends and stories of magic and the castle that overlooks the city are the perfect ingredients for a special week-end getaway. The capital of the Czech Republic does not miss anything: history, traditions, fascinating, unique monuments, fabulous squares, leisure and night-life. All of the above are good reasons for visiting the city. Continue reading “Prague: Between magic and legend”

Bruxelles: Museums, art, beer and chocolate

Bruxelles, home to the European Parliament and many other European institutions, is a city that is bustling with life and in which different cultures, traditions and styles mix. If you think that Bruxelles is famous only for the institutions it hosts you are terribly wrong. The museums, the squares, the streets, the chocolate and the beer tradition, the shopping venues and the delicious food make Bruxelles a destination that every tourist must visit. Continue reading “Bruxelles: Museums, art, beer and chocolate”