Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review

In February 2010, I was contacted by Charlotte VIVIEN – Partnerships Manager in PublicIdees, who asked me if I was interested in promoting a certain low cost airline on LowCostRoutes. I accepted, I subscribed to the affiliate program and set the airline up on my website, along with a few with other airlines that I found on PublicIdees. Then everything went well until I needed customer support! Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review”

New cabin crew jobs with Ryanair. Hurry up… or not?

Are you bored of nine-to-five? Want something different? Want a career that will get you places? How about a job that gives you wings? Live the high life!

This is the catch-phrase that anybody can see in the careers section of the Ryanair website. But is that true, or is it yet another marketing slogan? Keep reading in order to find out! Continue reading “New cabin crew jobs with Ryanair. Hurry up… or not?”

Affiliate networks feedback:

I discovered in February 2010, because it was the only affiliate network that was running the AirBerlin affiliate program. At the beginning, Air Berlin was the only program I was running on this platform and things were going pretty well. AirBerlin paid on time, I received nice commissions, so I was satisfied. But, it didn’t last long! Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback:”

Affiliate networks feedback: Zanox review

Zanox is a German affiliate network that has many airlines among its customers. It is well placed in the European travel industry, so being their affiliate is a must for me. I have been working with Zanox since May 2008, I have run tens of their programs and I have to admit that Zanox is the best affiliate network I have worked with so far. Let me explain to you why!

Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: Zanox review”

Affiliate networks feedback: TradeDoubler review

I was contacted by my Publisher Manager in TradeDoubler today and I was asked for my opinion about my relationship with TradeDoubler and with her. I am always glad to give feedback, so I decided to write a series of articles with my feedback for TradeDoubler, Zanox,, TradeTracker, CommissionJunction and other affiliate networks I am working with.

I first met Sheetal Sahota (International Publisher Manager for TradeDoubler) in January 2012 and I must say that she managed to change my opinion about TradeDoubler in less than a month. Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: TradeDoubler review”

Travelling with children by plane (part 2)

As I already mentioned in part 1, flying with infants or small children is different from traveling in a group of adults, so you should be prepared for it. Today I will answer a few other frequent questions about traveling with young children. Continue reading “Travelling with children by plane (part 2)”

Travelling with children by plane (part 1)

Whether you are a frequent flyer and have been on hundreds of flights before, or you are on one of your first flights, flying with infants or small children is a different experience and you should prepare for it as if this were your very first flight. Below you can find advice based on the experience of parents who traveled with children and infants, so be sure to keep reading. Continue reading “Travelling with children by plane (part 1)”

Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?

Blue Air is a low cost airline based in Romania, with flights from Bucharest to a large number of European destinations. As any other low cost airline, they are trying to maximize revenue by selling optional services. RyanAir does this by continuously bombarding passengers with sales announcements during the flight, so that one stands no chance whatsoever of sleeping during the flight. EasyJet has a complex ticket purchase procedure that makes customers select their car and hotel as if these were part of the ticket purchase. But Blue Air, in addition to having the smallest cabin baggage allowance of only 7 kg, found yet another way of making flying with them an unpleasant experience unless you pay for the optionals. Continue reading “Blue Air – How cheap can an airline be?”