Experience the great American landscapes from a different perspective

The American landscape is diverse and seemingly never ending. Whilst it can be experienced through a movie screen or via a driving holiday, there can be no better way to immerse yourself in the majestic surroundings than by taking a walking holiday.

Take a hike

Whether your passion lies in the desert landscapes of the wild west, or hiking in the mountains is more your thing, there is bound to be a walking tour that will satisfy your desire to explore. Similarly, if you’ve got moderate experience in walking, most walking tours have planned hikes of around four hours. If however you’re more experienced and really want to take in a challenging hike, optional walks of up to eight hours can challenge anyone! Continue reading “Experience the great American landscapes from a different perspective”

Palermo, Italy

Palermo was once the intellectual capital of the whole of Europe and has always been at the crossroads of civilisation. This gorgeous city has attracted almost every culture, situated at the foot of Monte Pellegrino; this city has touched almost every culture in the Mediterranean world. Palermo has Arab, Christian, byzantine, roman, Norman and even Italian descendants.  All of this diverse culture has created some of the best works of art and best food the world has ever seen. The architecture in Palermo’s chaotic vitality, on display at some of Italy’s most vibrant outdoor markets, public squares, street bazaars and food vendors. Continue reading “Palermo, Italy”

The Customs and Culture of Dubai – What you need to Know

Visiting any culture different to your own may mean you have to alter your approach somewhat and be aware of certain things. Acquainting yourself with the culture of Dubai is something that’s important and will help ensure you enjoy your time in the Middle Eastern country. Here are some tips to make assured you have a wonderful time in this amazing part of the world. Continue reading “The Customs and Culture of Dubai – What you need to Know”

A holiday guide to stunning Somerset in the UK

Dunster in Somerset

If you are hankering after peace and quiet in the countryside, escape to Somerset for a laid-back break. Being just a couple hours drive from London, it’s an easily reachable holiday destination. As soon as you’ve ventured into Somerset’s countryside, the Quantock Hills and the valleys, streams and hills of Exmoor, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered a different world.

From Exmoor in the west, across to Frome in the east, Somerset’s holiday cottages enjoy views of rolling hills and greenery. If you prefer to be beside the sea Porlock, Minehead, Dunster and Watchet, are excellent choices for a seaside holiday. Continue reading “A holiday guide to stunning Somerset in the UK”

How to avoid EasyJet’s high prices

Tired of working? Dreaming of a week in Tenerife? Get your family and your swimming suit and go for it! Easyjet offers daily flights to Tenerife, so finding the perfect flight shouldn’t be a problem.

But wait! The final price of a return flight from London to Tenerife South for a family of four (travelling without hold luggage!!!) is £1,785! This is the price you get on the EasyJet website on the 12th of July 2012, for a return flight departing on the 12th of August 2012 and returning on the 19th of August. If this is way too much for you to pay, you should definitely continue reading in order to find out how to get a much lower price for that Easyjet flight, in that exact period! Continue reading “How to avoid EasyJet’s high prices”

Palma de Mallorca: Where culture and fun become inseparable

Palma di MallorcaPalma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands, the most popular and most visited Spanish islands. How many times did it happen to you to hear stories about these islands and long for the sea and the sun, to just relax and have fun?! The Balearic Islands are undoubtedly famous for being the place where one can have fun and dance until dawn, but Palma de Mallorca is so much more than that! Its Mediterranean climate, its intense cultural life and its many castles, monuments and churches make this city an ideal destination year-round. If you are interested in any of the above and you also love the sea and the beach life, Palma de Mallorca is the right place for you. Here the culture and the sea come together, completing each other. The crystal-clear sea, the blue sky and the colours of the city create a unique view that enchants the tourist. When you leave this place, you will take with you unforgettable memories of the beautiful sea and the white sandy beaches that will remain in your mind forever. Continue reading “Palma de Mallorca: Where culture and fun become inseparable”

Malaga: Sun, beaches and lots of fun

Malaga, one of the Spanish cities located on the always-sunny Costa del Sol and the capital of the Andalusia region, has always been one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations in Spain. If you wish to discover Malaga, start by taking a long walk on the seafront. The waves, the sun and the sand underneath your feet will convince you that Malaga is definitely the right city for those who love the “seaside life”. However, if you also love big cities and you cannot resist the temptation to go on a shopping spree, you can do that in Malaga as well. Close to the port you can find a large area with night clubs, discos, pubs, restaurants and designer shops which will satisfy all your wishes. The Malagueta area is in fact the most modern and fashionable neighbourhood in the city and it is also the centre of the night life for those who wish to have fun until dawn. Continue reading “Malaga: Sun, beaches and lots of fun”

Kos: The history is talking to us

Kos, the capital of the island with the same name, is a town where the past and the present intertwine so tightly that they actually merge together. It is impossible to walk down the streets of the capital without feeling overwhelmed by a past that seems more real than the present itself. Historic palaces display their beauty alongside new buildings, making the island seem suspended between a past that is full of history and traditions and a present and future that firmly impose their presence on the scene. Continue reading “Kos: The history is talking to us”

Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review

In February 2010, I was contacted by Charlotte VIVIEN – Partnerships Manager in PublicIdees, who asked me if I was interested in promoting a certain low cost airline on LowCostRoutes. I accepted, I subscribed to the affiliate program and set the airline up on my website, along with a few with other airlines that I found on PublicIdees. Then everything went well until I needed customer support! Continue reading “Affiliate networks feedback: PublicIdees review”