London: The city of a thousand colours

London Bus doubledecker
London Bus double-decker

If you think that London is a cold city with a harsh climate, where the wind always blows and the sun is too shy to play the leading role for an entire day, you are partly right. It is well-known that the Brits never go out without their umbrellas. Nevertheless, the bright colours of this beautiful and fascinating metropolis make up for its grey sky. The famous London taxis, the phone booths and the double-deckers are only a few of the colourful highlights of this city. You cannot go to London and not take a taxi, at least once, in order to experience the reckless driving of the taxi drivers in the city. This is a unique experience even if the price of the ride is not exactly cheap.

If you intend to go to London, you must first familiarize yourselves with the phrase “Mind the gap”. You will hear it plenty of times whenever you decide to take the tube!

The city of London is the perfect destination for those who want to combine sightseeing and nightlife. Whether you planning a weekend getaway or a longer holiday, it will be very easy for you to organize your trip as there are plenty of low cost airlines flying here (you can search for cheap flights to London here).

London - Piccadilly Circus
London – Piccadilly Circus

The fact that the squares and sidewalks are always bulging with people is the best proof that London never sleeps. Piccadilly Circus is the beating heart of the city. The lights of the billboards that give this square a professional and commercial look by day become a beacon for the fun seekers by night. The pubs, restaurants and shops that are always open and always full of customers are a must see for those who want to live the night. If you love to dance and you want to party in the trendiest discos, London is the right place for you to go. 

London - Houses of Parliament
London – Houses of Parliament

But do not let yourselves get carried away by the nightlife because there are a lot of places that you must see in London by day. The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are a mandatory stop on your city tour. The history and the architecture of this palace will surely fascinate you. If you then want to see the city from above, take a trip to the London Eye! You will be impressed by the breathtaking views of the city that it offers. You will need a lot of patience to queue for the London Eye, but the view from above is definitely worth the wait. Another site that you must not miss is Saint Paul´s Cathedral, a fine example of baroque art and architecture and the place where most of the important events in the city take place.

London - Trafalgar Square
London – Trafalgar Square

Another required stop is Trafalgar Square one of the largest and most beautiful squares in London. While you´re there, take the time to visit the National Gallery: the large number of art works you will be able to admire in this museum will make your visit a long one. If the National Gallery is not enough for you, don´t miss the British Museum, where you will be able to see exhibits that belong to various cultures and ages.

The best way to visit London is on foot, because thus you will be able to discover and enjoy the less famous sites that are hidden in various parts of the city. If you are passionate about old English houses, you absolutely have to walk around Notting Hill. There you will be able to discover the real London, with typical houses and fascinating lights and colours that will conquer you. At the end of August this neighbourhood celebrates the Caribbean carnival, so if you are around at that time, do plan on taking part! You will love the music and the lively party atmosphere.

The bleak side of London is the food. If you wish to taste the typical cuisine, do not allow yourselves to be put off by the fact that all the food is fried and excessively greasy. The Fish&Chips is definitely among the favourite dishes of every Londoner. However, if you have refined tastes, it is better for you to go for the international cuisine. Don’t worry, London is home to a large number of very different cultures, so there is a wide choice of ethnic restaurants! However, after you have visited London inch by inch and you have discovered various aspects of the British culture, you might as well allow yourself to taste the real British food.

London - Buckingham PalaceLast but not least, make sure you don’t forget to visit Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen! The splendour of her residence will certainly impress you. If you time your visit so that it coincides with the changing of the guards, this will be the perfect end for your visit. You can only say that you have truly visited London after having seen the residence of the Queen and the changing of her guards.

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