Minorca: nature, sea and traditions

Minorca, the famous Balearic island, is a place where traditions are rigorously preserved up to this day and where nature is protected in a truly admirable manner. The island has a large number of natural parks and is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Here you will find an incredibly-blue sea, fantastic beaches that you may be able to have all for yourselves and a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

The first place you should visit on this island is definitely Es Fornells, a fishermen’s village that seems to be living in an undefined past. The small white houses, the narrow streets and the overwhelming peacefulness and silence are the things that impress visitors about this village. Es Fornells’ economy is entirely based on lobster fishing and on the restaurants that prepare delicious lobster dishes according to traditional recipes that they scrupulously follow down to the very last ingredient.

If you are fascinated by the places that are so full of history that you can feel it all around you at every step you take, you should visit Ciutadella de Menorca. The former capital of the island before the British moved it to Port Mahon, Ciutadella is an inextricable mix of Arab culture and Mediaeval architecture. In addition to being the centre of social life on the island is also the uncontested capital of religious life.

If you also want to see the new capital of the island after having visited the old one, go to Port Mahon. It is an absolutely unique city, as it is very small and its structure and life revolves around the old centre, where you will be able to find all of the important monuments that are worth seeing.

If after having visited the cities you also want to spend some time in the middle of nature and you want to discover the highest mountain on the island, all you have to do is go to Monte Toro. From the peak of this mountain you can admire a panoramic view of the entire island. Naturally, the scenery that will unfold in front of your eyes once you reach the top will fully compensate you for the effort you have made in order to climb your way up this mountain.

If this long walk has made you hungry, stop in Es Mercadal, on the mountainside. In this fascinating little village you will be able to enjoy the traditional Minorcan cuisine. While many of the traditional dishes are made of fish, seafood and lobster, those of you who are not fish lovers should not worry because they will be spoilt for choice between dishes made of locally-bred meat and delicious cheese varieties.

Once your stomach is full the only thing left for you to do is have a siesta. So don’t hesitate to spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach! The small gulfs that seem to be coming straight out a postcard, the sky-blue sea that will make you want to spend the whole day in the water and the white-sand beaches that you will not want to leave will make your Minorca holiday an unforgettable one. Keep in mind that the beaches on the northern side of the island have mostly dark sand, so if you prefer white sand all you have to do is head South!

All in all, Minorca is about relaxation, nature, long walks, breathtaking scenery and delicious cuisine!

Foto: conmuchagula

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