Alicante: Enjoy the sea and the monuments

Although the summer is coming to an end, there are still a few sunny days that you can enjoy. If you haven’t had enough of the sea and the sun this summer you can still plan a last-minute week-end getaway. Don’t take too long to make up your mind where to go. Take our advice and fly to Alicante! You can be sure that you will still find the sun and the sky-blue sea waiting for you here.

Situated on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Spain, Alicante is synonymous with sun, pleasant temperatures, fabulous sea and marvellous beaches that will be impossible to forget when it is time to leave.

The beach that you absolutely have to go to in Alicante is La Playa del Postiguet. The fine white sand you will find here, as well as the facilities whose owners will do anything in their power to satisfy your every need are the perfect ingredients that will make your day at the beach a memorable one.

Alicante - Playa del Postiguet

If you also love architecture, go to Castillio de Santa Barbara, which is located very close to the beach. Situated in a slightly higher position with respect to the rest of the city, the castle offers beautiful views to its visitors. If you are willing to spend some time visiting the castle, you will be able to enjoy an amazing panorama of lights and colours and a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Alicante – Castillio de Santa Barbara

After you visit the castle, if you still feel like lying on the beach for a while go to the Cabo de Las Huertas beach. It is true that this beach is not in Alicante, but close by. However, the calm, crystal-clear blue sea will reward you for having made the effort of coming all the way here. A small warning: if nudists make you uncomfortable, it may be better if you don’t go to this beach, as it is one of their favourite destinations.

Alicante - Cabo de Las Huertas

A place that you definitely shouldn’t miss while in Alicante is the Tabarco Island (l’Isola di Tabarco). It is situated eleven sea miles off the coast of Alicante and it is a magical place. Here you will be able to find unspoilt vegetation, rare animal species, beautiful sea and breathtaking views that will impress even the most indifferent tourists. The Tabarco Island is a small piece of heaven on earth and is definitely a must-see on your trip to Alicante. The magical atmosphere on this island and the romantic restaurants you will find here will make your trip a special one.

Alicante - Isola di Tabarco (Tabarca Island)

If you feel like doing more sightseeing when you get back to the mainland, visit the Santa Faz Monastery. A fine example of Baroque architecture, the monastery exhibits a holy relic that is supposed to be the veil with which Veronica wiped the blood off Christ’s face on his way to Calvary.

Alicante - Monastero di Santa Faz

If the sea and the sightseeing have made you hungry, let yourselves be conquered by the Alicante cuisine. The fish and seafood dishes, as well as the tapas will definitely satisfy your palate. In fact the Alicante cuisine is well-known and widely-appreciated. The healthy ingredients, the traditional flavours and the dedication of the chefs give a special flavour to the local dishes.

To sum up, Alicante is truly the ideal destination for those who are looking to spend a few relaxing days at the seaside.

The photos above have been offered on Flickr! with a Creative Commons license by Jenny downing, Meryabad, Paco Cameo, P.N.G., Rodrigo_Soldon, Vivir en la costa.

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