Affiliate networks feedback: Zanox review

Zanox is a German affiliate network that has many airlines among its customers. It is well placed in the European travel industry, so being their affiliate is a must for me. I have been working with Zanox since May 2008, I have run tens of their programs and I have to admit that Zanox is the best affiliate network I have worked with so far. Let me explain to you why!

Zanox has a clean interface, that enables affiliates to easily search for programs and statistics.

You can easily see on the homepage of your account how much money you have earned (open payments) and how much money you will receive with the next payment (confirmed). Unlike with other platforms, with Zanox you have one account and you receive a unique monthly payment for all the programs, regardless of the country. You may say “yeah, they reinvented the wheel”, but believe me: other affiliate programs are not there yet!

When searching for a program you can use various criteria, but the most important thing (for me) is that you can search all markets at once. For example, if you want to see if Amazon has an affiliate program on Zanox, you only have to perform one search. This is a big accomplishment, compared to the way TradeDoubler or work. The only drawback the Zanox search has is that in the summary listing some programs display bad HTML code that affects the main result table, generating incomplete results and wrong information.

Statistics have their own section. On the statistics homepage, the most relevant statistics (e.g. “Performance today/yesterday”, “Current Month by Time/Programme”, “Current Year by Time/Programme”) are available with a click and I can also find any reports that I have set as favourites. My experience is that more than 90% of the times the predefined reports provide me with the information I am interested in. Being able to get this info with 2 clicks from the homepage is a remarkable thing! In addition, I appreciate the fact that when I check my statistics I can group the results by program/day/month, so I can see the exact results I am interested in, without having to do the maths myself.

Payments are made once a month, upon request. This can be tricky because you can sometimes forget to request your payment, but it is very helpful if you want to be in control of the process. You receive a unique payment for all the programs, all the markets and all the websites in your account, so you don’t have to meet the minimum payment amount for each market, as you do on other affiliate platforms.

Customer support. Since September 2010, my Account Manager in Zanox has been Daiana Iacono and I must say that I am very happy to be working with her. She is very helpful and responds to emails fast. She has helped me a lot with managing my relationship with various advertisers, so I can say that I owe part of LowCostRoutes’ success to her. Daiana Iacono understands my business model and informs me about new programs that may be of interest to me, so that I can start earning from day one.

For all the above reasons, I consider Zanox to be the best affiliate network and I hope that other networks will learn from them in order to improve.

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