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I discovered in February 2010, because it was the only affiliate network that was running the AirBerlin affiliate program. At the beginning, Air Berlin was the only program I was running on this platform and things were going pretty well. AirBerlin paid on time, I received nice commissions, so I was satisfied. But, it didn’t last long!

To start with, took 17 days to approve my account registration. Once my account was approved, I managed to subscribe to the AirBerlin affiliate program and to run it without any problem. I searched for other affiliate programs on the platform but I didn’t find anything else I was interested in at that time.

A few months later, I discovered that there was another airline that was running an affiliate program on But to my surprise, when I searched for the airline’s name, it did not appear in the results. I contacted customer support and discovered that has a market based logic, which requires affiliates to open 7 different accounts if they are working in all the markets where is present. After opening 7 different accounts, one ends up having 7 different logins, all of which are numbers (not user-names) that nobody can remember. In order to search for a certain program, one obviously has to log in all 7 accounts and perform the search in every one of them. The same thing happens when one wants to check the earnings: 7 logins and 7 searches.

Payments are made by on an account/market basis. Therefore, in order to receive a payment, you have to reach the minimum amount for one of the markets you are working in. Your 7 accounts have no connection among them, so you have to wait quite a long time in order to receive your first payment, much longer than with other affiliate networks. Networks like Zanox have an integrated management of all programs and markets, with a one-click search and a unique monthly payment.

During the first year I promoted the ArkeFly program (July 2010-August 2011) reported 1400 clicks and not a single sale. This is strange, rare, but not impossible. It depends from airline to airline. As I suspected that there could have been some problems with the software, in August 2011 I decided to change platform for this program. Soon after I moved the ArkeFly program to TradeDoubler, I received confirmation that I had been right to be concerned about the software. In less than 5 months, Arkefly reports on TradeDoubler showed 479 clicks and 5 sales with a total commission of 192,18 EUR. I emailed about this strange situation several times, but I received no answer whatsoever. I had to contact them on a public forum in order to receive the first reply, but they did nothing to solve the problem. Please feel free to read the full story on the forum above.

Taking into account the software problems, the lack of support and the market based logic, is my last choice when recommending affiliate networks to international publishers.


  1. Peter Berry says:

    We’re sorry to hear that you have experienced some difficulty in your dealings with affilinet in the past. Naturally this is not the customer experience that we strive for and are disappointed to hear your feedback. I’m responsible for the publisher services team in the UK but am also in close contact with our international colleagues. I’d be more than happy to discuss the matter further with you directly and talk about the changes we’ve made that directly address your concerns. Please feel free to contact me on
    Peter Berry
    Senior Publisher Manager

    • Lucian says:

      Thanks for your availability. I will contact you the next time I will need help from Currently I moved almost all affiliate programs from, so I have low activity with you.

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